The dhabih must fulfill the following conditions for the Dhabihah to meet the requirements of Islamic Law (Shari'ah):

    Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be at least 18 years of age.

     Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be a practicing Muslim.

     Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be well trained in the Islamic method of slaughtering and the            IFNAS HALAL slaughtering procedures.

     Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be an active and upstanding member of a recognized Islamic          organization.

    Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be mentally fit. Applicants who are mentally unfit donot qualify.  (Halal Slaughter Agents must have steady hands to slaughter           properly).

    Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must be literate.

    Slaughter Agent / Dhabih must undergo a stringent, intensive course followed by an examination to be certified by IFNAS.
The IFNAS provide inspection and certification services for HALAL Certification . . . .
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