To Qualify as an IFNAS HALAL  INSPECTOR, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

    Must be a practicing Muslim having knowledge of shariah, twenty one (21) years of age or older;

    Must be have knowledge of the Islamic method of slaughtering/ food preparation Graduate in           the relevant field (Science, Food technologist, Pharmacy, Microbiology, BUMS etc.) with two           years workingexperience in the relevant field.

    Should have Knowledge about food ingredients and consumer products.

    Should be trained HALAL inspector from IFNAS.

    Must have attended and passed 10 day IFNAS Supervisor training.

    The inspector shall be approved after the successful inspection of minimum 5 client under the supervision of independent Inspector.

Registration fees :- IFNAS Charge an annual fees of Rs. 1000/- For Registration of IFNAS certified HALAL Inspector.

Training :- IFNAS Regularly conduct (Non Residential) Training for training the eligible muslim Youth for being registered HALAL Inspector. Interested candidates may mail to . The training fees and venue are decided time to time.
The IFNAS provide inspection and certification services for HALAL Certification . . . .
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