Dhabihah is clearly defined method of killing an animal making the meat fit for Muslim consumption. The person who kills the animal is called the dhabih (Slaughter agent)meaning slaughterer.

    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be at least 18 years of age.

    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be a practicing Muslim.

    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be well trained in the Islamic method of slaughtering.

    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be an active and upstanding member of a recognized Islamic           organization.
    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be mentally & physically fit.(Halal Slaughter Agents must have steady hands to slaughter properly).

    Slaughter agent/ dhabih must be literate at least 10th standard (exception could the given to older person having vast experience).

Registration fees :- IFNAS Charge an annual fees of Rs. 250/- For Registration of IFNAS certified HALAL  Dhabih.

Training :- IFNAS Regularly conduct (Non Residential) Training for training the eligible muslim Youth for being Certified Dhabih For HALAL. Interested candidates may mail to info@ifnas.org . The training fees and venue are decided time to time.
The IFNAS provide inspection and certification services for HALAL Certification . . . .
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